What is Limfinity?

Limfinity® is the engine that powers RURO’s LIMS 24/7. Today, RURO’s full scale LIMS implementation service is done with little or no code writing and primarily executed by non-IT staff.

Who deploys Limfinity?

RURO offers optional, flexible assistance with the mapping of customer’s processes, supporting the configuration of Limfinity, training or any other standard deployment service. Customers will have different areas of need but should be able to accomplish most, if not all, Limfinity deployment responsibilities.

Why Limfinity?

Limfinity is an advanced state of the progression that began as a standard database. Those deploying can configure Limfinity, without customization, to document and manage an entire information landscape and process. Once deployed, Limfinity offers users the increased ease and productivity, data accuracy and security that RURO LIMS is known for worldwide.

After mapping out the processes and key data of the laboratory’s samples, patients, clients, instruments or other work subjects, those deploying Limfinity can easily translate their understanding/mapping into the system’s workflow designer. With the mapping and understanding already in place, the process of adding subject profiles and workflows into Limfinity can take only minutes or hours. Configuration of Limfinity will continue with tools such as tailored conditional process movement and role/group level access to specific data, automated accuracy checks and email notification, as well as many other features available to be setup without expert knowledge. In the end, configuration is make-sense and can be done as time is available, leveraging those deploying Limfinity’s own understanding of how their lab processes work.

Limfinity presents the opportunity to deploy a premier LIMS, something that has traditionally come at great time and financial cost, in a way that has never before been possible – on your time and scaled to your budget.

Contact RURO for more information

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