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Emerging technologies that will change our lives in just 5 yearsJanuary 12, 2012

1. Anything that moves or produces heat produces energy that is currently wasted and will be collected in the future. This includes the heat generated during walking, jogging, cycling, using your computer and even from water flowing through sewage pipes. The energy will be collected and used to improve our life in homes, offices and cities.

2. You will no longer have to create and remember multiple passwords for different systems of identification. Biometric information - facial features, retinal scans or voice recognition will replace passwords.

3. Reading the thoughts will become a reality. Your brain can be connected to a computer or smartphone. You will just have to think of a wish and it will come true. The power of thought will point the cursor and click to a specific point on the computer screen. During the next five years, we will see such devices in the entertainment and gaming industries. In addition to entertainment, this technology can help in uncovering the mysteries of the brain and rehabilitation of paralyzed patients.

4. Mobile technology will become so common that by 2016 it will eliminate the "digital frontier" between the rich and the poor.

5. Over time, spam filters will become so accurate that unsolicited emails will no longer bother you.