Limfinity® is a sophisticated framework solution designed and built in-house by RURO engineers to provide the foundation for secure and compliant life science applications. All of RURO’s solutions are built on Limfinity®.

Because of the capabilities of the Limfinity® framework, RURO can produce flexible solutions that redefine delivery of enterprise applications. Rather than building each new solution from scratch RURO begins with the ready-built Limfinity® software, and adds features, modules, and specialized capabilities as necessary to create software solutions that meet unique needs.

Limfinity® is evolved enough to allow for quick turnaround of new solutions and flexible enough that it can be entirely customized to adapt to the needs of different laboratory disciplines. Core to the success of these principles is RURO’s “Bricks” functionality, a series of custom-built modules that allow data model components and workflows to be built onto the solutions.

Having a proprietary foundational program specifically designed for lab technicians, managers, and lab business operators means that RURO can develop new lab software more quickly and more efficiently with less potential for errors. For our clients, the end result is that their RURO solution will be both reliable and innovative.

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