The LIS system with limitless possibilities.

Your LIS is the lifeblood of your lab. Staff stuck reloading pages, navigating unintuitive data entry screens and making the best of limited search features all translate to lost organizational performance. Your customers generate opinions of your business by the professional appearance of your online portal and report documentation.

LimitLIS® is a browser-based application for complete diagnostic lab workflow management with CLIA compliance and HIPAA-related security and privacy provisions. LimitLIS® is a hosted SaaS offering, allowing laboratories to devote resources away from IT, and leverage the proficiency and efficiency of LimitLIS® provider, RURO.

LimitLIS® is offered as a Cloud solution so you do not have to worry about hiring a dedicated IT staff for your laboratory! Just click the URL, log in, and start using your new LIS solution.

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A Deeper Look

Solution Highlights

Modern Software Framework, Easy User Experience Many LIS offerings today are aging or aged. LimitLIS® uses the Limfinity® framework. Limfinity® is a modern, well adopted and accepted leader in the life science community. Many LimitLIS® customers value its ease of use most of all.

Professional Client/Patient Portal

LimitLIS® is deployed with an optional, fully integrated Client or Patient Portal. Not only is the portal carefully adapted to represent your company ideally, but designed charts and graphs ensure that your company’s outward web appearance is modern and professional.

Efficient Deployment

LimitLIS® deployment follows an ISO 9001 certified SDLC process. Customers enjoy the interactive, well documented implementation and the reliability of its scheduling.

Easy Order Entry

LimitLIS® automatically generates labels, time and date stamps received specimens, and generates an accession number, saving technician time and reducing manually created errors.


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Interested In LimitLIS®?

If you think LimitLIS® is right for your laboratory and would like to see a demo of the solution, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a demo!



Supported Compliance and Certifications