Transgenic Animal Colony Management Informatics
at Your Fingertips

ezColony® helps to automate the management of transgenic animal colonies as well as their facilities for scientific and medical research. Our unique architecture combines the power and security of an enterprise server with a dynamic graphical user interface that enables maximum flexibility and provides users with an unparalleled degree of involvement in adapting the software to their specific needs.

ezColony® is available in the simple but feature-rich Standard Edition and an Enterprise Edition that offers enhanced security and authentication that utilizes LDAP or Active Directory, no limits on the number of concurrent users and animals, support for sub-facilities and automated data backups for peace of mind.

Features Standard Enterprise
100% web-based application. Install once, access from anywhere
Graphic display of virtual racks and cages with animals
Intuitive workflows
Color identification of animal lines
Suport for custom animal identification
Visual ear notches with multiple schemas
Drag and drop for most animal operations
Unlimited number of user-defined fields for animals, cages and protocols
No limits of the number of genotypes per animal
Animal virtual breeding
Pedigree trees displays
Full audit trail
Various Ear Notch schemas
Animal Pick Lists
Custom Cage Types
Cage card printing
Data import, export, update
Reports (in HTML, text, PDF or CSV formats)
Live search and query builder
Colony Alerts and Restrictions
Mobile devices support
User Roles
No limits on the number of animals and animal lines
User Groups
Different levels of access to facility blocks, rooms and racks, as well as relevant information
Inter-facility Communication Module
Data encryption using 1024-bit technology and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
User authentication via Active Directory Domain Services (LDAP)
Support for external databases (PostgreSQL, mySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server)
Application Programming Interface (API)
Hyper-V support on Microsoft Windows Server
Reports, Alerts, Audit
  • Provides industry dashboards and reports, facilitating colony management, as well as a facility manager with up-to-date information relevant for breeding and management.
  • Real time information about the breeding status and number of animals available for a given line, conveniently organized by sex, age, and genotype.
  • Extensive opportunities for communication between users as well as alert messages, that inform the investigator about recent events in the colony or those that require urgent attention.
  • Facilitates communication between the technical personnel involved in colony maintenance and scientists performing data analyses.
Animal Archive and History
  • ezColony® stores and archives breeding and colony maintenance data for unlimited number of years including breeding histories, genotypes and mouse line statistics.
  • Create complete paperless workflow for any scale laboratory.
  • ezColony® keeps detailed records on all events happening within the life span of any animal. This includes, but is not limited to, pedigree statistics, breeding history and allocation for experiments.
  • ezColony® maintains an extensive log book that automatically records Time, Date and Name of each user who performs actions involving animal records.
Barcodes and RFIDs
  • ezColony® integrates various approaches for animal identification, including barcodes, RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification), and traditional ear clips and notches.
  • Full RFID Kit is available to tag racks, cages, as well as individual animals

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