Sample Management – RURO’s sample management solution (FreezerPro®) improves inventory management, automates workflow management, eases data transfer with integrated machines and systems, increases communication with customers and collaborators, and increases the transparency of overall laboratory operations.

Clinical Testing Laboratories – LimitLIS® is a browser-based application for complete diagnostic lab workflow management with CLIA compliance and HIPAA-related security and privacy provisions. LimitLIS® is a hosted SaaS offering, allowing laboratories to devote resources away from IT, and leverage the proficiency and efficiency of LimitLIS® provider, RURO.

Biorepository Management – BiobankPro® provides centralized information to enhance a sample collection’s operational efficiency across multiple divisions, banks, or oceans. It also fixes problems associated with manual data entry or double collected information from different sources.

Translational Science – Translational research and medicine use scientific tools and research findings to improve human health. RURO TSI can facilitate this process by connecting data and users in appropriate ways, encouraging and supporting collaboration with modern e-communication tools, and protecting sensitive patient data with multiple security levels and options.

Barcode & RFID – RURO provides multiple barcode and RFID equipment, as well as integration with our solutions.


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