Barcode & RFID

Unique UHF RFID characteristics:
  • No line of sight
  • Read a population of tags simultaneously and quickly
  • Tags are relatively inexpensive
  • Tags come in wide assortment of sizes and form factors
  • Longer ranges past +30 feet as well as very short ranges in inches
  • Data on the tags can just be an ID or hold higher data content


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Asset Tracking and Inventory


– Materials Tracking
– Inventory and Audit
– Better inventory management – levels – JIT
– Audit capabilities in the event of a recall or issue
– WIP authentication – right work flow for product
– Quality – ensure steps taken
– Finished goods inventory
– Tool Tracking
– Fixture tracking
– Shipping or distribution accuracy

RTI – returnable transport items

– Associate product inside to and ID
– Manage RTI pool
– Confirm delivery or routing
– Reduce the loss of RTI – no need to replenish pool
– Charge end user for loss of RTI

IT Assets / Capital Assets

– Comply with consumer data protection or credit card data
– HIPAA compliance Standards for Privacy of Individually
– Identifiable Health Information (“Privacy Rule”)
– Laptop tracking and inventory
– Manage physical cycle counts
– High Value assets

Secure Vial Tracking


– Check in/out
– Security
– Authorized movements
– Chain of custody
– Time restraints or constraints
– Time out of the freezer
– Large number of vials check in /out
– Infectious disease

Healthcare / Laboratory Applications

– Bio sample tracking + security
– Hospital Asset tracking
– Proper stock levels
– Drug trays
– Reduce or Monitor for theft
– Kitting
– Medication
– Electronic Health Records – paper and electronic merge
– Scrubs Management
– Lab Animal / Cage tracking

A Deeper Look


– With over 20 years of RFID experience
– Subject Matter Expertise that is dedicated to RFID
– Well connected to bring in other facets needed for a successful solution

What Questions Does RFID Answer?

– How many are there?
– Confirm quantity and specific items
– Are the items still there?
– Take actions when items move or arrive



Interested In Our Barcodes & RFID Technologies?

If you think your laboratory needs barcodes and/or RFID technology and would like to see a demo of how they work, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a demo!