Frequently Asked Questions – Installation


Software can be installed in either your facility or on the Cloud.

Please click here to view our System Requirements.

We recommend installing our software on a computer with 3 GB of RAM, 2.4 Ghz quad-core CPU and 500 GB hard drive.

Installation process is simple and supported with step-by-step instructions. Limfinity®, FreezerPro®, ezColony® and Sciency® ELN are ready-to-run applications distributed as Virtual Appliances (VA) that contain an operating system, the database and the web server. Once VA is installed and started, it can be accessed from any remote computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) on your network using any web browser.

The IP address is created automatically via DHCP and displayed in VM Ware console at the end of software installation along with default user name (admin) and password (admin). Default setting of IP address is ‘dynamic’ that changes automatically every time the VM is restarted. It is recommended to set the settings to ‘static’ IP address that can be done through changing VM console Network Settings. This way, the VM will always have the same IP address. You may also add this IP address to your DNS (on a router or on a server) so that you can access the software from any computer in your local intranet.