Other Virtualization Platforms

Our goal is to provide VAs that run anywhere where is virtualization infrastructure available.

Tier 1

Fully supported.

Virtualization PlatformHost PlatformComments
VMware FusionMac OS X
VMware Player (Free)Windows, Linux
VMware Server (Free)Windows, Linux
VMware WorkstationWindows, Linux
VMware ESXBare MetalUse VMware Infrastructure Client (and converter) to run on ESX.
VMware vSphereBare Metal
Microsoft Hyper-VWindows


Tier 2

Supported but with some limitations.

Virtualization PlatformHost PlatformComments
Parallels DesktopMac OS X
Parallels ServerMac OS X, Bare Metal
Parallels WorkstationWindows, Linux
Microsoft Virtual ServerWindowsVirtual Server also has relatively poor performance compared to more modern virtualization systems.
Microsoft Virtual PCWindows Virtual PC also has relatively poor performance compared to more modern virtualization systems.
Virtual IronBare Metal


Tier 3

Known to work but not yet officially supported. You can run FreezerPro, ezColony, Sciency ELN and LIMS 24/7 on these platforms but our ability to provide assistance is limited.

Virtualization PlatformHost PlatformComments
Virtual BoxMac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris
Sun xVM ServerBare Metal
Xen Open SourceLinuxThis is relatively difficult to configure, depends heavily on the Linux distribution and requires running Xen in fully virtualized mode.
KVM LinuxThis works but is not something that we test regularly.
OEMUWindows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and othersWorks but since this is emulation performance is very poor.
Oracle VMLinuxThis is Xen based and we have heard of people using it but have never tested it.


Tier 4 – Currently unsupported

Currently does not work, but will in the future.

Virtualization PlatformHost PlatformComments
Citrix XenServerBare MetalNo suitable import format. It might be possible to use Project Kensho to use the OVF format for import but this has not been tested.
Parallels Virtuozzo ContainersLinux This is a very different kind of system that we can’t quite support yet. We are working on this and our goal is to support this platform at the Tier 1 level.
OpenVZLinuxThis is the Open Source base of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers and will be supported at the same point we introduce Virtuozzo support.