Installation Instructions

Committed to the industry movement toward virtualization, we distribute our solutions as Virtual Appliances, eliminating installation, configuration, and maintenance costs associated with traditional deployment methods.

To take full advantage of our software, and be able to access it from any PC on your network, a free virtualization software from VMware should be installed on your computer. VMware software enables companies to partition a physical server into multiple virtual machines.

FreezerPro®, ezColony®, Sciency® ELN and Limfinity® Virtual Appliances can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux servers. Please check the latest System Requirements.

If you are just starting with virtualization or evaluating FreezerPro®, ezColony®, Sciency® ELN or Limfinity® we recommend using VMware Player. VMware Player is also recommended when installing on Windows Vista or running without the network connection.

Step by step installation instructions