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LimitLIS Toxicology

LimitLIS® Toxicology is a modern, user-friendly LIS that is easy to use and quick to deploy. It comes complete with workflows designed specifically for toxicology and pain management laboratories and meets the highest standards for control and accuracy.

See for yourself how LimitLIS® Toxicology can help run your lab with a free, convenient 14-day online trial. Explore the system’s extensive features at your own pace and remember, RURO experts are available to answer your questions and provide input every step of the way.

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The LIS System With Limitless Possibilities

LimitLIS® is a modern cloud-based laboratory information system designed to increase laboratory accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

By not requiring installation, LimitLIS® enables clients, patients and laboratory staff to securely access their data anywhere and on any device, while removing IT staffing costs. LimitLIS® also sets itself apart from other LIS solutions with new and exciting features. The client has the option to have LimitLIS® deployed with a fully integrated Client or Patient Portal. The portal is adapted to represent your company and has designed charts and graphs ensure that your outward web appearance is modern and professional.

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Cloud Platform For Life Sciences

Limfinity® is a sophisticated framework solution designed and built in-house by RURO engineers to provide the foundation for secure and compliant life science applications.

Because of the capabilities of the Limfinity® framework, RURO can produce flexible solutions that redefine delivery of enterprise applications. Rather than building each individual solution from scratch, RURO begins with Limfinity® and adds on features and capabilities as necessary to create an entirely new program. Limfinity® is evolved enough to allow for quick turnaround of new products, yet flexible enough that it can be entirely customized to fit any requirements.

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Limfinity TSI Mockup

Knock Down Walls Between Clinical and Research

Limfinity® TSI is the world’s only full workflow and inventory management solution, tracking patient triage to diagnosis and treatment, for Translational Science and Medicine. Limfinity® TSI features a suite of tools for management of pedagogical, phenotypic, NGS, and proteomic data along with a host of other information types.

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Study Management for Modern Laboratories

StudyManager™ is a cloud-based, innovative solution that delivers clinical and pre-clinical trial design, specimen collections, and assay planning while monitoring patient consent and enrollment. Deployed as a single system accessible from any number of sites, CROs, or central labs, it tracks your clinical trial specimens while annotating them with clinical observations.

StudyManager™ helps researchers to optimize patient recruitment and manage clinical trials efficiently while maintaining high standards of regulatory compliance, and keeps track of the overall study progression and specimen collection metrics.

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Please note that FreezerPro® was bought by Brooks Automation, Inc. in 2017.
For all inquiries and support requests, please visit to contact them directly.


RURO is Laboratory Information Bliss



LimitLIS Molecular module adds support for complex genetic testing and moderate complexity gastrointestinal and respiratory testing with PCR-based workflows.



Intuitive, efficient, and loaded with features crucial to drug testing and pain management, LimitLIS® Toxicology is a complete, modern solution that can be deployed in just days.



LimitLIS Hematology module is targeted towards hematology and chemistry laboratories. With this module, your lab can integrate with all commonly used hematology and clinical chemistry analyzers.

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A message from our CEO, Tom Dolan

These days, life science and medicine are constantly and brilliantly changing. Despite the shifting and complex layers of difficulty that are associated with the creation of drugs, as well as stubborn inefficiencies with lab service providers, single laboratories are getting more done in a day than ever before.

But what sent up prescription costs so wildly and why are most clinical operations less efficient and pleasing to their customers than they ought to be? The causes of these issues are myriad but RURO is here to fix laboratory software, a key driver of lab success or failure. Let us set your lab on the fast track to lowered costs and modern operation.

At RURO, we call that Laboratory Information Bliss.

Since our founding eleven years ago, RURO has created solutions that combine the best technology and highest quality services with the brightest minds – those of our customers. Years of partnerships and listening have brought forward our current portfolio and we are eagerly working toward our most important objective: your lab, finely tuned.


Tom Dolan
CEO, RURO Incorporated




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