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FreezerPro® has helped to modernize frozen sample management in thousands of laboratories worldwide. FreezerPro® is an intuitive, fast, reliable, and secure web-based application with visually-intuitive, customizable “freezer maps” that enable users to know precisely where a frozen sample is located without ever opening a freezer door. Many FreezerPro® users have extended their system by adding almost limitless functionality using RURO’s Limfinity® framework.

Improvements in laboratory accuracy and efficiency with FreezerPro® are remarkable — every lab with sample inventory can implement FreezerPro® to begin their journey toward Laboratory Information Management Bliss!

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Sample Management Solution


RURO’s sample management solution improves inventory management, automates workflow management, eases data transfer with integrated machines and systems, increases communication with customers and collaborators, and increases the transparency of overall laboratory operations.

Feature Highlights

Flexible dashboards, configurable reports, granular security and other scalable functionality define RURO’s sample management solution, leading to smoother user adoption and limitless flexibility to ensure the system remains viable into the future.

Stepwise Enhancement

The Basics

RURO’s FreezerPro® is a stand-alone solution for managing storage locations, freezers, sample check in/check out, linear and 2D label configuration and printing,
and more.

The Comprehensive Solution

Existing FreezerPro® users will find RURO’s sample management solutions to be a natural extension of their existing system, with nearly limitless opportunities
to create additional automation, tracking and management of workflows, and progress toward record and security completeness.


RURO’s sample management solution can be deployed for single teams, entire global operations and any scale in between. In fact, many customers adopt with
such a progression in mind – many installations have started within a single laboratory, then expanded, including not only additional laboratory business areas but
also to include billing or customer management. This flexibility in deployment allows RURO to meet unique customer needs.

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Interested In FreezerPro®?

If you think FreezerPro® is right for your laboratory and would like to see a demo of the solution, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with a demo!