Frequently Asked Questions – General


Software will be installed in your facility.

Our products can be used in a wide range of environments from small laboratories with a few hundred samples to much larger sites with many freezers, users, and millions of samples.

The license is for one installation on a central computer (server). Once installed, software can be accessed from any computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) on your network with any web browser that comes with your operating system.

There is no limit and our tests revealed excellent performance with a hundred users working simultaneously.

All our products come with the build-in software update manager and can be updated to the latest version over the Internet.

All our products come with a PostgreSQL database. This database is capable of storing massive amounts of data. Enterprise editions of all RURO software products support 5 major SQL engines (Oracle, DB2, mySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server).

There is no limit for the number of records (corresponding to vials, animals or notes) stored in FreezerPro, ezColony, or Sciency ELN . PostgreSQL database is capable of storing massive amounts of data. We tested our products with 1 million records and 100 users working simultaneously. Average record uses about 5kb memory space.

If you purchase the Subscription Plan, you are entitled to unlimited toll-free phone support, free updates, and free upgrades to new versions. In addition, we offer on-site, as well as web training via a Zoom Meeting. Please visit the Online Store for more information on Support Subscriptions. Maintenance updates are included in the base product free of charge.

We offer full Unicode (UTF-8) support. Any font may be used to with the software. User Interface translations are available in many different languages.

Yes. Fully functional online demo accounts are available for Limfinity®, FreezerPro®, ezColony® and Sciencey® ELN. Please contact us for a 30 days downloadable trial versions or visit the shopping center of this website.